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24/7 Information Helpline: 1-800-272-3900

Our Information and Referral Telephone Helpline is available to provide information, support, printed materials and referrals to area resources. Call us or email your question with our online inquiry form.

More information: 24/7 Information Helpline


No one needs to be alone when managing care for someone with dementia. Our online suite of services can help you find and plan for care. Use them to widen your care options and help you cope with the challenges of Alzheimer’s.

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Books and Video Resources

Are you looking for books, articles or videos about Alzheimer's disease? All of these resources and more are available through the National Alzheimer's Association's Green-Field Library. While the library does not loan directly to the public, all of their resources are available through interlibrary loan at a public or institutional library. If you have access to a local library you have access to the Green-Field library's wide array of dementia specific resources.

More information: Books and Video Resources

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Clinical Trials and Research Studies

Over the last 15 years, scientists have made enormous strides in understanding how Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain. Many of these recent insights point toward promising new strategies for treatment, prevention and diagnosis. Following successful laboratory work or animal studies, new treatments must undergo clinical studies (testing in human volunteers, also called clinical trials). More than 150 clinical studies are now recruiting participants with and without Alzheimer’s disease, related diseases or memory loss to help test these exciting new approaches.

More information: Clinical Trials and Research Studies

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The Alzheimer's Association Minnesota - North Dakota is excited to offer innovative and research-based educational programs. Courses are available throughout Minnesota and North Dakota for persons with memory loss, and their family and professional care partners.

More information: Family, Community and Professional Education

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Family and Professional Care Consultations

Individualized assistance, problem solving and identification of resources are available to persons with memory loss and their family and professional care partners.

More information: Family and Professional Care Consultations

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MedicAlert + Safe Return® Program

The Alzheimer's Association's Safe Return® Program provides a national, 24-hour, toll-free number to contact when someone is lost or found. Please call the 24/7 Information Helpline for scholarship information at 1-800-272-3900.

In a move to significantly improve the safety of individuals with Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association and the MedicAlert Foundation have created an alliance to bring you MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return®.

More information: MedicAlert + Safe Return®

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Support Groups

Alzheimer's Association affiliated support groups provide a special resource for care partners, family members, and loved ones of those with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia. Support groups are located throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.

More information: Support Groups

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Additional Resources

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  1. Dementia Identification Project Manual
  2. Diversity Toolbox
  3. Memory Care Professional Consortium
  4. State Ombudsman
  5. Online Resources/Links

Dementia Identification Project Manual

Earlier diagnosis and treatment of dementia has tremendous potential to help persons with dementia and their families use community-based support services to improve quality of life and significantly delay out of-home, long-term care placement. In addition, such efforts have been shown to save public expenditures. Partners in this Dementia Identification Project were awarded a Minnesota Department of Human Services Community Service Development Grant. They then implemented a system-change approach based on the best practices of the Chronic Care Networks for Alzheimer’s disease project, building on its successes. Project coordination was provided by the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging.

More information: Dementia Identification Project Manual

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Diversity Toolbox

Alzheimer's disease and other disorders that cause dementia know no boundaries. The National Alzheimer's Association has developed the Diversity Toolbox to address this fact. The Toolbox is a resource for persons with dementia, and their family and professional care partners. The materials in the Diversity Toolbox were reviewed and recommended by leaders in research and care in ethnic and cultural minority groups.

More information: Diversity Toolbox

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Memory Care Professional Consortium

The Memory Care Professionals Consortium is a new group designed to assist professionals working in the field of memory loss to gain insight from each other, share success stories and successful models, and provide support to one another.

More information: Memory Care Professional Consortium

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State Ombudsman

A long-term care ombudsman advocates for quality residential care, teaches consumers and providers, and helps resolve residents' complaints.

Minnesota 1-800-657-3591
North Dakota 1-800-451-8693

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Online Resources/Links

Links to useful information and resources.

More information: Online Resources/Links

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