If you would like to share your personal story so that others may share from your experience, please submit your piece, with contact information, to Carla Zbacnik at the Alzheimer's Association.

D’Arcy’s Story

January 2006

This loving story was written by Jim Secord, on behalf of his wife D’Arcy

Hi, I'm D'Arcy.

Thank you for being my caregiver. I greatly appreciate all that you do for me. I know you have a tough job, and sometimes you may even wonder if I'm aware of all that goes on with the work you do. Well I do! In this letter, I'd like to tell you a bit about myself, as well as give you some insights to how you can make me feel even better about being at the Arbor. First, about my background. If you look at the photos opposite my bed, you'll see me as I was ... smiling and enthusiastic, always ready to laugh, and if you don't mind my bragging, very pretty.

Sue’s Story

January 2006

“Her real name was Daraliene. Dad always thought that was the prettiest name a girl could ever have. But he also liked to tease her, and so she became Lena.”

Laura's Story

December, 2005

This paper was written in 2005 by a 15 year old girl, Laura, for her health class. It was shared with the Association to illustrate how Alzheimer's affects all generations.

Both of my grandmas got Alzheimer’s when I was pretty young. I don’t remember much about them and only have a few specific times of being with them. That time in my life seems like it didn’t even happen.

Dad’s Story


This letter was written in 1995 by a gentleman before he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was shared with the Association by a donor as a way for people to understand what is transpiring in the minds of those who have the disease. The names have been changed to preserve the anonymity of the author, and the photo is not real, either.

Dear Friend,

Have I been a BUSY Boy?? The days come – and the days go. Recently my trouble with being able to remember EVERY little thing has caused me a bit of trouble. I have been VERY much tied-up with my financial affairs and have had to enlist Brenda to help keep me going in the right direction to do the right thing -- today!